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Certified organic microgreens.

Radish, peas, sunflower, chives, coriander, … A part of our microgreens range is now certified organic! For a long time, it was impossible to certify indoor-grown microgreens because of the use of LED lamps, the production of microgreens is now eligible for the organic label thanks to a change in regulations. We explain everything in this article!

7 organic varieties and two mixes

Our range of microgreens now includes 7 organic varieties: nasturtium / chinese chives / coriander / pink radish / purple radish / peas / sunflower. Our Spicy Blend and Sunny Blend become organic at the same time.

Why go organic only now?

For a long time, the European organic label prevented certification because of the use of LED lights in production. A few months ago, new regulations paved the way for organic certification of microgreens despite the use of LED lights.

Why not the whole range?
In this new certification, the use of water-soluble nutrients is impossible because it is too close to hydroponic production. Most of our microgreens need these nutrients to ensure good quality, except for the 7 varieties listed above. These 7 varieties only need clear water (= tap water) to grow to the desired stage because the nutrients contained in the seed are sufficient to develop its first leaves.

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