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ECLO inaugurates its new vertical farm in Brussels

Eclo moves its production of microgreens and baby herbs out of the Cureghem Cellars and inaugurates its brand new vertical farm on the Abattoirs of Anderlecht site. This new installation will double the production of microgreens & young herbs. In addition, production will now be entirely on cellulose fiber, a fully compostable substrate made from renewable sources.

50,000 units per month.

Developed in collaboration with the startup Urban Harvest , this new system consists of 3 shelves 4 meters high for a floor production equivalent to 75m2. The production capacity thus increases from 20,000 to 50,000 units of microgreens per month.

The microgreens and young herbs are automatically irrigated with nutrients enriched water. The water not used by the plants is then filtered and reused for a subsequent irrigation. This hydroponic production method allows a water saving close to 90% compared to a traditional culture.

Our vertical farm allows optimal plant growth through the control and automatic adjustment of LED lights, temperature and humidity.

A new substrate: cellulose.

From mid-December, production will switch to a substrate made from cellulose fibers. Fully compostable, this substrate is obtained from plant materials (such as wood) from renewable sources.

The choice fell on this type of substrate for several reasons:

  • No soil residue on the product or in the kitchen.
  • Better water retention, therefore better conservation.
  • Better response to the requirements of the HORECA sector.

The first production will be marketed in December 2021.

About Eclo.

Eclo, formerly “Le Champignon de Bruxelles”, is an urban farm that produces exotic mushrooms and microgreens. Founded in 2016, it operates around 3,000 m² of Cureghem Cellars in the center of Brussels.

Some mushrooms are circular produced with waste from the production of organic beer (spent grain) and old organic bread. Microgreens are produced using vertical farming techniques and use up to 90% less water than conventional agriculture. The company employs 16 people.

Per month, it produces around 6 tons of mushrooms, 32 tons of substrates and 20,000 units of microgreens. Eclo works with the main players in organic distribution in Belgium, more than 300 organic stores and 160 restaurants.

The company also offers regular visits to its production areas to introduce individuals and companies to the cultivation of mushrooms and microgreens.

About Urban Harvest.

Urban Harvest develops no-nonsense vertical farming solutions for both professional and urban farmers around the globe. Their solutions have been designed and tested to produce a wide variety of produce such as leafy- & microgreens, strawberries, and the propagation of cuttings.

The Urban Harvest technology allows the grower to produce without pesticides and with the smallest amount of water using our water recirculation strategy. Vertical farming assures the highest yield and quality whenever and wherever you want it!

Feel to reach out to the Urban Harvest team for all your vertical farming questions, or

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