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Le Champignon de Bruxelles becomes ECLO

If you’ve been following Champignon de Bruxelles for a few years, Eclo will certainly sound familiar to you. Remember, this was our second brand, born in 2018 with a primary focus on microgreens and baby herbs. We now group all our products (mushrooms, microgreens and aromatic herbs) under this unique brand name. Let us explain everything to you !

Support change

With the arrival of microgreens and baby herbs in 2018, our project took on a whole new dimension. We were diversifying and expanding our offer to the HORECA sector.

We then choose to keep :

  • Le Champignon de Bruxelles for our exotic mushrooms.
  • ECLO for  our microgreens and baby herbs.

Despite all the love we had for our previous brand “Le Champignon de Bruxelles”, we realized that it would become difficult to keep this name in the long term. The strategic vision of the project was evolving and we needed a new brand to support it.

From cooperative to SRL

Among the big changes behind the name, there was that of leaving the cooperative model in the summer of 2020. As surprising as it may seem, this decision responded to a legal imperative. Indeed, the new Belgian company code released in 2019 would impose this change on us in the years to come. To put it simply, cooperators must now be beneficiaries of the services offered (eg: a cooperative store allows access to the store for its cooperators only), which was not the case with our cooperative.

For a more detailed explanation of this transition, listen to this interview of Hadrien Velge, our CEO (@11 minutes) :

What will follow ?

We have some great announcements coming in the next weeks : new packagings and amazing partnerships !

Brand identity by COAST Agency

For our new brand identity, we’ve worked with Coast Agency

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