Eclo raises €4.7M to create a high-tech circular organic mushroom substrate factory.

Eclo has raised 4.7 millions euros to install a high-tech 4,200 sqm factory in Villers-le-Bouillet in the province of Liège at the beginning of 2023. This will position Eclo as a key player in the exotic mushroom industry in Europe, with an annual production of 7,000 tons of mushroom substrate from recycled organic waste by 2026. Participants in the fundraising include Noshaq, Investsud Bois, GoGreen Capital and private investors. An operational support on this funding was provided by Ubiz.

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Colruyt Group tests, together with ECLO, the reuse of its own bread waste to grow mushrooms

Colruyt Group reuses its own bread waste to grow mushrooms. For the production of this circular product, they entered into a cooperation with ECLO, formerly known as ‘Le Champignon de Bruxelles’. They have the know-how to process bread into substrate and grow different types of mushrooms on it. The test to valorise bread waste streams, driven by Colruyt Group’s food innovation team, lasted 1.5 years and is a success.

The first mushrooms, grown on Bio-Planet’s bread residual streams, will be available in the Cru markets in Overijse, Antwerp and Ghent from mid-October.

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