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Makdous shiitake / Surdough bread / Sunny blend

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Eclo, formerly known as “Le Champignon de Bruxelles”, is an urban farm that produces exotic mushrooms, microgreens and baby herbs. Founded in 2014, it operates today around 3,000 m2 of the Cureghem Cellars, in Brussels city center. Making it the biggest underground farm in Belgium.

60 min

4 p


150g shiitake
1 clove of garlic
130g walnuts
2 tsp paprika
80g roasted peppers in a jar
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Surdough bread (we took it from our friends Hoplageiss Bakery !)


  1. Remove the stems from the shiitake and slice them.

  2. In a pot, cover them with water and add 1 tsp of salt. Bring the water to a boil and let the shiitake cook for 5 minutes. Once cooked, drain the mushrooms well. *The cooking water from the shiitake has a lot of flavour, don’t throw it away. Use it to add umami flavours in soups or sauces.

  3. Chop the garlic and the walnuts.

  4. In a blender, first blend the pepper with the spoonful of olive oil and the paprika. Then add the garlic, nuts and shiitake.

  5. If the mixture is difficult to blend, add some more olive oil.