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Raviolis / Brussels Shiitake / Pak Choi

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Humus x hortense moves to the rhythm of 24 micro-seasons. Botanical cuisine seeks the best quality, with love for nature and in close collaboration with Belgian producers. For this effort, humus x hortense was awarded a Michelin Green Star, the highest achievement for a sustainable restaurant in the world. Nicolas Decloedt is voted 'Best Vegetable Chef' by the renowned culinary guide Gault & Millau (15/20). The restaurant is listed in the top 10 of the 100 Best Vegetable Restaurants by We’re Smart Green Guide.

60 min

4 p


– 4 large sheets of rice

– 200g Brussels shiitake

– 3 branches of pakchoy

– A few chervil leaves

– 4 spring onions

– tamari soy sauce

– 8 slices of pickled vegetables

– 100g cabbage kimchi

– 200g silken tofu

– 180g herbal oil

– 4g salt

– 8g white wine vinegar

– 2 shiitake, small caliber

– Kroepoek


  • Cut the shiitake into small cubes. Fry them in a very hot pan with olive oil. Deglaze with tamari soy sauce. Salt them well.
  • Cut the pakchoy into julienne. Steam them for 5 minutes. Cool down immediately.
  • Clean the young onions and cut very finely.
  • Cut the rice paper into 2 or 4, depending on their size. Soak in hot water. When they are flexible, use them.
  • Put a sheet on the work surface. Start stuffing them:
    • first chervil then the paksoy, mushrooms, kimchi and 2 slices of pickled vegetables.
  • Close with a second sheet of rice and fold the quinces well inwards.
  • Book.
  • Put the tofu in a high and narrow container, add the salt and mix well smooth. Add the oil in a thin stream and finish with the vinegar (like a mayonnaise).
  • Cut the 2 shiitake into very thin strips.
  • Arrange the ravioli on a plate.
  • Put the herb cream on the side.
  • Finish with the raw mushrooms, a kroepoek and a little vinaigrette.