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Brussels Mushrooms

Black Pearl

Black cap, white foot. Black pearl is a hybrid between regular oyster mushroom and king oyster.


Circular substrates

In 2021, 61% of our mushrooms substrates included waste. We’ve partnered with two organic Brussels breweries : Brasserie Cantillon and Brasserie de la Senne, of which we recycled a part of the beer production waste.

Our R&D team is working on new wasted materials to go further in circularity.


Our mushrooms production is organic certified by CERTISYS.


We grow our mushrooms in a 3.000 m2 underground production. The biggest underground farm of Belgium.



Our mushrooms are available in bulk,
with standard EPS delivery system.

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Our cardboard packaging contains 87% less plastic than traditional mushrooms punnets.

This packaging will be available on
the 15th of october 2021.

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Paper bags

Our branded paper bags will be available
as from 1st of november 2021.

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Our dehydrated mushrooms can last
up to 2 years in a dry environment.

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